upcycling a plain, black sweater

last year when I lost my vision in one eye,
I turned back to my love of yarn.
crochet and embroidery.
this sweater was a perfectly nice sweater.
but. still.
it wasn't "priti"
a sacred heart...that helped.
and then the sleeves. {they were 3/4 length}
and a pocket.
{for a phone, if you are the sort that has a phone}
(((I am not that sort)))
and a priti button.
and ta-da!
wearable art.
she is for sale in my shop.
love, lisa


  1. Hello my friend! I'm oh so happy to find your new blog. I miss seeing your art. The sweater is so much more interesting now that you have put you art on it. Hope 2018 is a good year for you.

  2. The sweater has gone to fine to fantastic Lisa! I love it! Especially the heart (of course) and the sleeves are so delicate and beautiful. You are so talented!


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